IKEA Ceiling Lights

ikea ceiling lights

IKEA has a large selection of ceiling lights for all tastes and budgets. From a simple pendant lamp to an elaborately designed chandelier, IKEA ceiling lights will add a sense of style to any room. Moreover, they are inexpensive, so anyone can buy one and give their room a fresh and stylish look.


The HYBY Ceiling lamp is a decorative and functional light that comes with a frosted glass wavy shade. Its design spreads light out over a larger area, making it an ideal choice for hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. It’s also energy efficient.

The HYBY Ceiling lamp comes with a domed white frosted glass shade that is attached with three plastic clips. It comes with a type number, T0201, on the steel electrical lamp housing. The recalled units are available at IKEA stores worldwide and online. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that consumers stop using the recalled lamps and return them for a full refund.


IKEA is recalling about 840,000 LOCK and HYBY ceiling lights after several incidents of falling shades. The company says there are faulty retaining clips. There are also reports of injuries caused by the lamps. Luckily, the recall is limited to the two models. The HYBY model retails for about $13 and the LOCK model costs about $5.

The problem appears to be with retaining clips on glass shades. When they break, the glass shades could fall out, creating a laceration hazard. The company has received 224 reports of these incidents, eleven of which were reported to have caused injuries. Three other incidents did not result in injuries. The LOCK and HYBY lamps were sold at Ikea since November 2002.

PS 2014

The PS 2014 pendant light by IKEA is inspired by sci-fi movies and is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2014. This pendant lamp can change shape and intensity to provide general and mood lighting. Its futuristic design will definitely add a space age feel to any home. This modern design is also available in turquoise and orange colors.


If you’re looking for an attractive, decorative ceiling light, the HYBY Ceiling lamp is a great choice. It features a frosted white glass wavy shade that spreads light across a larger area. This lamp is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, or kitchens.

The HYBY Ceiling light is available in a variety of styles and colors. The wavy frosted white glass shade helps spread light across a larger area, so it’s ideal for rooms with high ceilings, such as the kitchen or hallway. The stylish lamp also comes with a switch that allows the light to be dimmed or turned off if necessary.

Two different styles are currently being recalled by IKEA. The LOCK and HYBY ceiling lamps have glass shades that can break. If you have one of the recalled models, you should remove it from your home immediately. You’ll be refunded in full.