Current Ceiling Light Trends for 2023

current ceiling light trends

The top ceiling light trends of the year are not what you might expect. While vintage styles are still very popular, new and modern upgrades will also be seen. You’ll see more geometric, low profile, and clustered lighting. It’s important to keep a balanced design scheme while incorporating the new trends, so that your home will look great and function well.

Pendants and lamps are a huge trend this year. They can add a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic to any room. These fixtures are great for kitchen islands and entryways, as they add a dramatic focal point to the space. They’re especially striking when paired with a sleek white interior.

Decorative lamps are a great way to give a personal touch to your home. Whether you choose a chandelier or a mushroom lamp, these funky light fixtures will provide a unique focal point. In addition to their playful designs, they provide a functional household accessory.

Ceiling lights are making a comeback. Oversized chandeliers and pendants are a huge trend in 2023. Designed to be placed on a ceiling or wall, these oversized fixtures can be eye-catching and provide plenty of light. Whether they’re made of metal, glass, or wood, these decorative pieces will be a focal point in your home.

Another big trend in 2023 is LED bulbs. These bulbs are the most energy-efficient and long-lasting type of light bulb. They’re also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Whether you want to go with warm or cool white light, you can easily control your bulbs through a smart phone.

The next big thing in lighting is circular lighting. This style can be used to create groupings, as singular sconces, or as side table lighting. Round designs are a good way to replace rows of smaller pendants.

Another big trend is the use of natural textures. These can be found in baskets and rattan. Coastal areas are particularly influenced by these materials, and they will be in demand in the future. Many designers are also experimenting with recycled materials to bring the outdoors inside.

Plastered-in fixtures are a great option for a minimalist finish. These fixtures have a plaster-covered design that can be recessed into the wall or ceiling. Often, they’re designed to sit flush with the plasterboard, giving the finished product a clean, elegant appearance.

Another huge trend in 2023 is the use of interesting textures. Whether you choose a pendant that features a globe shade, or a clustered lighting set, you’ll want to think about incorporating different types of natural materials. Adding these elements to your home will help create a cozy, calming atmosphere.

You can also try installing LED strip lighting to create a dynamic feature at night. Some of these lights are even designed to be flush-mounted on a ceiling when the plasterboard is in place.

The best ceiling light fixtures are the ones that are functional and add to your home’s overall decor. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect piece, don’t hesitate to contact an architect or interior designer.