Easy Chandelier Update Ideas

chandelier update ideas

A chandelier can be a powerful design element, whether you opt for an ornate fixture or a more minimal piece. If your chandelier is looking a little tired or out of date, there are many ways to update it and make it more stylish.

1. Repaint It

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your chandelier is to paint it a new color or finish. Using spray paint, you can create a unique look that will match your space perfectly.

2. Add Crystals

You can also update your chandelier by adding new crystals. The crystals you choose will determine the style of your chandelier and will ultimately dictate the look of the room it adorns. For instance, if you want your chandelier to be more modern, you can pick crystals that are more contemporary in shape and style.

3. Use Crystals to Frame a Large Beach-Glass Pendant

A great way to update your chandelier is by using crystals to frame a larger piece of glass art. You can buy a glass pendant that has blobs of colored glass with a hole cut in it near the top, or you can go for a more natural look by using a piece of beach-glass and cutting it into rings to hang from your chandelier.

4. Create a Custom Chandelier Sleeve

Another easy chandelier update is to customize the chain by creating a custom sleeve from fabric that matches the room’s decor. It will add a splash of texture and interest to the chain, while making it easier to change out the fabric for seasonal decorations.

5. Add Driftwood, Scalloped Shells or Wood Beads

If you are looking for a more nature-inspired approach to your chandelier, you can replace the crystals with large pieces of beach-glass or scalloped shells. These materials can be found at most craft stores and will make your chandelier more unique.

6. Swap the Chain for a Thin Grapevine

A thin grapevine can be wrapped around the chain of your chandelier to add a touch of natural flair. This is especially effective if you have a small room and want to create a more cozy, intimate atmosphere.

7. Cover Your Chandelier with Gemstones

Adding gemstones is another chandelier update idea that works well in smaller rooms where you may not have the space to add a full piece of art. Instead of painting your chandelier, you can glue gemstones to the base of it or to the glass shades if your chandelier does not have them.

8. Use Glass Spheres

If your current chandelier has an ornate glass shade, you can swap it for a simple glass sphere for a more modern feel. The cylinder shape of this light fixture is eye-catching and makes it a focal point for your living room.

9. A More Traditional Chandelier for a Casual Dining Room

There are a lot of different styles available in the market for dining room chandeliers, allowing homeowners to express their own personality. Some of these are quite regal, while others are more contemporary and minimalist. No matter which you choose, a chandelier will add drama and sparkle to any dining room table.