Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell: Celebrating Innovative Design and Creative Collaboration


Kartell, the Italian furniture company, is renowned for its high-quality contemporary designs. Ferruccio Laviani, an Italian architect and designer, has been collaborating with Kartell for more than 20 years, creating iconic pieces such as the Bourgie lamp and the Invisible table. This article explores the innovative design concepts and successful creative collaboration between Laviani and Kartell.

Innovative design concepts

Laviani’s design philosophy is to create objects that can be innovative and functional while maintaining a sense of beauty and simplicity. Kartell’s commitment to design innovation has enabled Laviani to experiment with different materials and techniques to create new forms and structures.

Bourgie lamp

One of Laviani’s most iconic designs is the Bourgie lamp, created in 2004. The lamp’s base is made of transparent polycarbonate, while its Baroque-style lampshade is made of pleated fabric. The Bourgie lamp can be transformed from a classic lamp to a modern version by removing the lampshade and using the base as a minimalist lamp.

Invisible table

Another iconic design by Laviani is the Invisible table, created in 2012. The table is made of transparent acrylic and designed to play with the idea of invisibility. The table appears to be suspended in mid-air, creating a stunning visual effect.

Creative collaboration

Laviani’s collaboration with Kartell has been highly successful because of the close relationship between the designer and the company. Kartell’s extensive knowledge and experience in materials and manufacturing have enabled Laviani to push the boundaries of design innovation.

The Kartell team

Laviani has attributed the success of his designs to the Kartell team, which includes engineers, technicians, and craftsmen who have worked with the company for many years. The team’s experience and expertise have enabled the designer to experiment with different materials and techniques while maintaining the highest levels of quality and functionality.

Mutual understanding

The collaboration between Laviani and Kartell is based on a mutual understanding of design principles and an appreciation for each other’s expertise. Laviani has said that his designs are inspired by the “material, the technology, and the quality” of Kartell’s products, while Kartell has said that Laviani’s designs are “a perfect representation of the synergy between design and technology” that the company strives for.

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