The Illuminating Story of Greg’s Lighting: Shaping Spaces with Impeccable Illumination


For decades, lighting has been a significant aspect of architectural design, setting the mood and tone of spaces. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of interiors and helps create the desired atmosphere. It was this realization that drove Greg Anderson to establish Greg’s Lighting, a company that has become synonymous with impeccable illumination. This article delves into the history of Greg’s Lighting, its value proposition, and the impact it has had on the architectural industry.

The History of Greg’s Lighting

Greg Anderson founded Greg’s Lighting in the early 1990s. As a trained architect, he understood the importance of lighting in transforming spaces. Initially, Greg’s Lighting focused on providing lighting services to construction firms, architects, and engineers. However, the expansion of its portfolio to cater to the retail space and individual clients proved to be a game-changer.

One of the company’s competitive advantages is its focus on LED lighting. Greg’s Lighting was among the first companies to invest heavily in LED technology during its formative years. For instance, in 1998, the company invested in LED lighting for a commercial establishment in San Francisco, providing energy efficiency, durability, and low heat emissions. The success of the project proved that LED lighting was a game-changer in the industry, and after that, more companies embraced the technology.

Greg’s Lighting Value Proposition

At Greg’s Lighting, the customer always comes first. The company recognizes that every project is unique, and therefore requires an individualized approach. Its team of experts has a keen eye for design, ensuring that the illumination meshes with the surrounding space seamlessly. Greg’s Lighting is committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional illumination solutions, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes.

Apart from its focus on design, Greg’s Lighting places a high premium on energy efficiency. The company’s policy is to find the most energy-efficient solution that meets a client’s budget and preferences. This approach helps clients cut energy bills while minimizing their carbon footprint.

The Impact of Greg’s Lighting on the Architectural Industry

The impact of Greg’s Lighting on the architectural industry cannot be overlooked. The company has redefined the concept of lighting through its innovative and energy-efficient solutions. Greg’s Lighting is committed to transforming spaces, making them inviting and inspiring. Over the years, the company has completed numerous high-profile projects across the globe.

One of Greg’s Lighting’s most recent projects is the Bloomingdale’s store in the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, California. The store is one of the retailer’s largest branches and features an extensive lighting system to enhance the customer experience. The lighting solution incorporates 2900 lighting fixtures, including floodlights, track lights, and overhead fixtures. This creates an ambiance that reflects the brand’s identity and culture while offering a shopping experience unique to Bloomingdale’s.

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