Reviving the Charm of Retro Style with Wall Sconces


The era of retro style may have ended, but its charm and magic still linger on today. With its unique blend of vintage glamour and modern aesthetics, retro style has inspired many interior designers and home decorators. One of the best ways to infuse a space with a retro vibe is by incorporating retro wall sconces. Not only do these lighting fixtures add to the ambiance of a room, but they also serve as a conversation piece and a stunning accent.

What are retro wall sconces?

Retro wall sconces are lighting fixtures that feature a vintage design or style. They typically have ornate metal casings and bases, with either a glass or fabric shade that diffuses the light. These sconces are designed to be mounted on walls, either as a single piece or as a pair. They come in a wide range of styles, from Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern to Victorian and Gothic.

Why should you use retro wall sconces?

There are several reasons why you should consider using retro wall sconces in your home or business, including:

1. Adds to the ambiance of a space

Retro wall sconces emit a warm, inviting glow that can help create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room. They can also serve as a design element that enhances the overall style and aesthetic of a space.

2. Provides unique lighting options

Unlike ceiling fixtures or table lamps, wall sconces can be placed in areas that are normally difficult to light, such as hallways and staircases. This can create an entirely new lighting scheme that highlights architectural features or decor.

3. Enhances decor

Retro wall sconces come in a variety of styles and finishes, which allows them to complement a wide range of decor themes. Whether you have a modern, traditional or eclectic style, you can find a retro sconce that will enhance your space.

How to choose retro wall sconces

When choosing retro wall sconces, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Consider the style of your space

Choose sconces that match or complement the existing decor and style of your space. For example, if you have a Mid-Century Modern living room, choose sconces that have a sleek, minimalistic design with bold finishes like brass or chrome.

2. Determine the purpose of the sconces

Are the sconces going to be primary or secondary sources of light? If you need them to provide bright, focused light for reading or tasks, choose sconces with shades that direct the light downwards. If you’re looking for ambient lighting, choose sconces with shades that diffuse the light evenly throughout the room.

3. Consider the size and placement

Make sure the size and placement of the sconces are proportional to the space they are in. A small sconce may look lost in a large room, while a large sconce may overwhelm a small space. Also, consider the height of the sconces when mounting them. The standard height is 60 inches from the floor to the center of the sconce.

Retro wall sconces are a fantastic way to infuse a space with vintage charm and modern sophistication. They add ambiance, provide unique lighting options, and enhance decor. When choosing retro sconces, consider the style and purpose of your space, as well as the size and placement of the sconces. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can transform any space into a stylish and inviting haven that celebrates the glamour and magic of retro style.

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