The Price of Parentesi Lampada: An Essential Guide

Parentesi Lampada is an iconic design that has been revolutionizing the lighting industry since its creation. This article explores the history, features, and prices of Parentesi Lampada to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

The History of Parentesi Lampada

Designed in 1971 by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manz├╣ for Flos Lighting, Parentesi Lampada is a floor lamp that has a timeless design. The name “Parentesi” comes from the Italian word for parenthesis, and it is inspired by the concept of two brackets enclosing and supporting a light bulb.

The Features of Parentesi Lampada

This floor lamp has a sleek, minimalist design that fits well in any modern interior. The lamp has a cylindrical head that can be adjusted in any direction to beam light where it is needed. The head of the lamp is held in place by a simple steel bracket, which can be moved up and down with a counterweight system. The Parentesi Lampada can be easily installed on any ceiling, and it has a maximum height of 3.3 meters.

The Price of Parentesi Lampada

The price of Parentesi Lampada varies depending on the retailer and the specific model. The original Parentesi Lampada costs around $800, while the LED version is priced at around $1,000. Considering the timeless and versatile design, the Parentesi Lampada is definitely worth the price for those who can afford it.

The Benefits of Parentesi Lampada

Parentesi Lampada is not just a beautiful lamp, but it also comes with several benefits. Firstly, the lamp is energy-efficient, which means it will help you save on electricity bills. Secondly, the flexible head of the lamp enables you to adjust the light according to your needs. Lastly, the easy installation process means you can quickly set up the lamp without any hassle.

Parentesi Lampada is a timelessly designed floor lamp that has been popular for over 50 years. The lamp’s unique features and benefits make it a worthwhile investment, despite the high price tag. Whether you are looking to illuminate your workspace or add a touch of elegance to your living room, Parentesi Lampada is an excellent choice.

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