The 7 Best Creative Designs That Make Life Better

Today, let’s talk about the 7 best creative designs, each of which can make our lives better, let’s take a look!

01 Touch Silicone Watch Design


We’ve invented an easier way for visually impaired people to tell the time simply by touching the “hand” of the watch. It doesn’t even require any knowledge of Braille.

The presence of time can be better perceived by touch, which is more intuitive and in place than looking at, and can better remind young people today to pay more attention to time, and can meet the needs of visually impaired groups, with a wider range of use.

 Touch Silicone Watch Design

02 Medicine Press


A “drug press” that enables blind/illiterate people to take prescription drugs safely. Generally, medicines are divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The only way to tell them apart is to eat in order or read the text in the manual. One problem with traditional pill envelopes is that blind or illiterate people cannot take their prescriptions at the right time.

Here’s one designed to solve this problem by placing a symbol that can be discerned by simply touching a pill envelope.

Medicine Press

03 Shoe oven


When you walk around in damp shoes, it can cause problems like mold, odor, bacteria, and athlete’s foot. But many people struggle to dry or manage their shoes.

We designed the shoe oven for this purpose. The shoe oven is a dryer that can handle wet shoes. Antibacterial, deodorizing, drying, these functions make the management of wet shoes easy.

Just like cooking in the oven, you can put your shoes through in the oven.

Shoe oven

04 TOILY Cleaning Tools


Toily is a vibrating brush head cleaning appliance that can be sterilized by UV light.

By vibrating brushing and irradiating ultraviolet rays at the same time, it can effectively sterilize and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The cleaning process is also labor-saving and time-saving, which can avoid wrist and waist injuries caused by long-term brushing.

Toily does not need to use a large amount of detergent because of the use of ultraviolet rays, which reduces the problem of detergent flowing into the ecological environment, and also prevents users from inhaling too much detergent odor.

The quick-release structure allows users to quickly replace various brush heads according to their needs, which is suitable for cleaning different bathroom equipment.

TOILY Cleaning Tools

05 QSPACE Noise Cancellation Device

Design: Byung Soo Hwang

By combining the principles of noise cancellation and shock absorption technology, we have created a new noise cancellation device. With effective noise cancellation, you can achieve a comfortable, quiet living environment in apartments, homes and workplaces.

 Cancellation Device

06 EASY WAVE Microwave Oven


Like food, dishes, containers, and wrappers can get hot when a boxed lunch or frozen food is heated in the microwave, posing a risk of burns.

The E Range is designed to solve the above problems, when the heating is complete, the basic plates supporting the food can all be brought up and used as potholders, reducing the risk of burns for the user and making it easier to clean.

EASY WAVE Microwave Oven


Design: Seohyun Baek

We become very sensitive to sounds and smells when you are in the bathroom. Because physiology is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone, but it’s the secret they want to hide in the toilet.

That’s why most people try to hide their secrets by turning on the tap water and cover up their marks by spraying on perfume.


This ceremonial soap allows you to keep a secret that you want to hide in the toilet, has the sound of running water, purifies the air and saves water as well. It is so convenient that you can use it not only in the place where you live, but also in public toilets.

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